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Our lifestyle and the way we do business are changing with the problems of population, economic fluctuations, urbanization, digitalization and climate change.The diversity of living species in the world is constantly decreasing. The number of living species that became extinct until 2100 can reach 1000.he most important reason for this is Homo Sapiens, the human species.

As Pelin Triko company, which employs more than 500 employees and contributes to production, we believe that the decisions we take in the name of sustainability will have an impact.In order to manage this effect in the most accurate way, we implement different projects that will increase the environmental awareness of our employees and the society and support the transfer of a clean and healthy environment to future generations.

Sustainable Factory

The new factory, which started to be projected in January 2020, is located in the Ünye / Ordu region. In the factory planned to be a green building in accordance with LEED standards; It is aimed to benefit from environmentally friendly solutions such as renewable energy sources and waste water usage systems. Our new capacity is expected to join us in 2022.

In this process, we will turn to projects that will reduce our Carbon Footprint without using our raw material and energy needs efficiently and without burdening our natural resources (air, water, soil). Thus, we will minimize our impact on the emission of Greenhouse Gases, which is the most important cause of global warming. We care about meeting a significant part of our electricity needs and ensuring the solid prevention of global warming with the application of rooftop solar energy panels.

Sustainable Office

With the zero waste approach in our companies, it is our priority to implement waste reduction measures first. Glass, plastic, metal, paper-cardboard, etc. We position separate garbage bins for recyclable wastes such as recyclable wastes and organic wastes, and we aim to make the use of recycling bins effective by removing under-table trash cans. Thus, we aim to separate recyclable wastes at their source and bring them into the economy.

We attach importance to the removal of disposable products in the office, we adopt the principles of reducing waste, choosing and sorting reusable products in all kinds of meetings and events. We will apply the e-document / document system to prevent unnecessary paper use and to save toner. Instead of using lamps / bulbs, we will switch to environmentally friendly led lamp / lighting systems that have a longer life and save money.

Environmental Policy


Sustainable Raw Material

We are aware that the way we do business has an impact as well as the products we use. For this reason, we take care to protect our environmentalist perspective while procuring raw materials. We use BCI certified organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown using responsible methods and materials that have low environmental impact. No pesticides or herbicides are applied to the crops. Toxins are harmful to farmers and workers, us consumers and all wildlife eco systems. In our production, priority will be given to suppliers who will supply our raw material / auxiliary material logistics over shorter distances (locally) to reduce our Carbon Footprint.


The textile industry has a massive socio-economic and environmental impact. One of the biggest issues around the world is the environment and its protection. We supply recycled cotton within this scope.

This way;

  • High quality
  • Recycled fiber
  • Reduces waste
  • Conserves resources
  • We contribute by making more ecological production.