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Acid Washing

  • Different effects
  • Details in the end points
  • Distressed effect
  • Different color transitions


  • Water based print
  • Foil print
  • Sublime print
  • Discharge print
  • High mold effects
  • Stone sticking
  • Nailing pearl
  • Flock print


  • Top quality embroidery thread
  • Standard embroidery
  • Multicolor embroidery
  • Crochet embroidery
  • Sequin embroidery
  • Laser cut embroidery
  • Logo on felt
  • Logo on fabric
  • Coiled brand logos

Piece Dyeing

  • Painting as a product
  • Clean surface with enzyme washing
  • Gabardine and Poplin detailed products
  • Zipper jackets
  • 2 Yarn and 3 Yarn mixed products
  • Single jersey mixed products
  • Pigment paint
  • Oil washing and bottom dyeing


As Pelin Triko, we continue to develop our goal of becoming a world-renowned manufacturer company in wool sweaters by combining our experience with our capability, with the use of 100 tons of wool yarn per year.
Wool is working with super soft and fine wool that feels comfortable and warm on the skin, we make the best Turkish sweaters with the best Italian wool.


Cotton is the most common plant fiber and the most spun fiber in the world. Cotton is grown in many countries around the world. As Pelin Triko, we provide all of our needs in a certified and painted form from our suppliers in Turkey, we provide annually about 400,000 kg of cotton yarn to use.


The best of the fiber types from the future to the present is cashmere. Cashmere, which can only be obtained from a special type of goat, does not lose its vitality and does not deform over the years. Only 30-60 grams of cashmere come out of a cashmere goat per year. A sufficient amount of cashmere is produced for a sweater every 5 years.We offer the most special sweaters to our customers with cashmere, which takes its value from its rarity and also has 100% natural and heat stabilizing properties.

Fancy Yarn

Other types of yarn, as well as the two major markets including Italy and Turkey, we supply almost all kinds of yarns. We offer different variety to our customers by providing the best service in fancy yarn types.One of the main reasons for using fiber blends is to increase the quality and optimize the cost and appearance balance.